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Another good GIVE A SHEET® for the planet day!

We had our second very successful GIVE A SHEET® for the planet event on Saturday 6th March at the St Ives Showgrounds in North Sydney suppoting Ku-ring-gai council and their community. Vinnies were there to take any good quality Linen items and all the clothing donations.on the day”

It was the perfect start to Autumn, the sun shone and the residents got involved, clearing out their linen cupboards and robes.

The event saw over 600 cars drop off and we received donations from all ages within the community. Many of the residents had been storing their old used linen for years not wanting to dispose of them in their garbage bins or too old and worn for a second life via the charities.

They loved our fun and innovative solution for their household linen.

“I had been collecting and storing my families worn out sheets, towels and pillowcases for years hoping i would find a use for them but there is a limit to how many rags for cleaning the car you can get away with. There is no disposal route for these other than landfill and I could’nt bring myself to put them in the bin. I am so excited to finally have space in my cupboards. Thank you Give a Sheet!”
Simone Barrs Ku-ring-gai resident

There was a steady stream of cars all day and by 3.00pm 2 trucks had been filled with the help of our great GIVE A SHEET® crew of volunteers.

The Ku-ring-gai residents donations allowed us to divert 6000 kgs of old and unwanted linen, sheets, towels and pillowcases from landfill. Thats the equivalent of 8’800 double bed sheets!

All of the collected Cotton and Polyester linen will be sent to our facility in Queensland to be broken down and converted into high-grade raw materials of PolyTexx®, rPET pellets and CellTexx®, cellulosic clay to be used by other Australian industries for new products.

Thanks to everyone that donated and contributed to make it another good Give a Sheet day!