Why Give a Sheet®

Our mission is to divert textiles and clothing away from landfill and accelerate the global textile recycling industry towards a sustainable future for generations to come..

Get Involved!

Our innovative GIVE A SHEET® for the Planet events are helping communities lessen their environmental impact one pillow case at a time!

The Noosa event

To celebrate world environment day we partnered with Noosa Council to hold a GIVE A SHEET® for the planet event. Learn more about the day.

Our Impact

Our environmental impact on our communities and the planet can be greatly improved if we all get involved and  GIVE A SHEET®

Future events

Keep an eye out for a GIVE A SHEET® event in your council area.

We’re inviting you to clean out your ‘robe to clean up the globe’

Councils and households across Australia are teaming up to do their bit for the planet. 

In an Australian-first initiative, textile resource recovery company, BlockTexx, is operating a series of linen collections around Australia called Give a Sheet® for the Planet!

You can also Give a Sheet® for the Planet by donating your unwanted household linen, sheets and towels to be converted into valuable, high-grade recycled materials. 

These local events are a smart and fun way to get involved in a local recycling solution for unwanted textiles and textile waste – that is not part of the regular council collections.

We estimate that in an average household, linen wardrobes are bursting with around 15kg of old, worn linen. Our aim is to clean out your robe and give your unwanted linen a new life.

This textile circular economy solution benefits councils and their communities. 


BlockTexx uses its state of the art textile recovery facility developed in Australia to break down textiles and clothing into new recycled materials that are used by Australian manufacturers to create a range of new products – they won’t be going into landfill, burnt, or exported overseas.



How Does It Work?

We partner with Councils around Australia to bring our Give a Sheet® for the Planet  events to the heart of their communities.

Location is key as we make these events a convenient drop off destination for the residents.

Households can drop off their clean and sorted old, worn-out sheets, towels, pillowcases, quilt covers and linen that is no longer wanted or can no longer be used.

Our Give a Sheet® crew is there on the day to collect and sort the linen to ensure everything we receive can be processed.

All the linen donations collected are sent to our social enterprise partners to be sorted and decommissioned. They are then shredded and converted into high-grade raw materials at our facility in Queensland.

Our social enterprise partners provide support for people with intellectual disabilities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. If linen requires zip, button and popper removal, 100% of the cost charged to prepare these items for recycling is passed on to the organisation.

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The Noosa Event

Our Give a Sheet for the planet events allow councils to access a commercial-scale circular economy solution for textile waste, diverting it from kerbside bins and landfill.

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To celebrate World Environment Day we partnered with Noosa Shire Council to hold a Give a Sheet® for the Planet event for their residents.

They identified a central location to hold the drop off event and created a fantastic marketing campaign educating the community about what linen to include. All the clothing donations on the day were resold by Vinnies QLD.

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We had a successful day collecting over 1.9 tonnes of old unwanted sheets, towels, pillowcases and other household textiles. Noosa residents were particularly excited about being presented with an innovative circular economy solution for their old and unwanted linen, helping them lessen their environmental impact.

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Noosa residents “Gave a Sheet” and cleared out their linen cupboards and closets, with over 200 cars dropping off donations between 8.00am – 3.00pm on the day.

On average each household donated about 10 kgs of used and unwanted linen. A total of 1900 kgs of linen was diverted from landfill to be converted into a valuable resource.

Noosa Council was proud to spearhead the inaugural ‘Give a Sheet’ textile collection initiative with BlockTexx in 2022. We asked Noosa residents and businesses to give a sheet about textile waste.

The community rallied around the cause with over 200 car drop off donations, helping to divert 3.2 tonnes of textile waste from landfill.

This initiative is not only a win for the environment but is also creating new resources for other sectors and helping Council’s demonstrate their commitment to circular economy in a measurable, tangible way.

Jordan Vance

Economic Development Advisor, Noosa Council

Our Impact

One kilogram of unwanted textile waste processed by BlockTexx is equivalent to 30 kgs. of CO2 emissions. That means one truck load of linen collected will have diverted 10 tonnes of textile waste from landfill and removed carbon emissions equivalent to taking 65 cars off the road for a year*.

*EPA NSW figures state the average family car emits 4.6 tonnes per year of CO2e. BlockTexx offsets 30 tonnes of CO2e for every tonne of textile waste processed – the equivalent to 6.5 average family cars.

KGs Linen diverted

This is how many kilograms of old, unwanted sheets, towels and pillowcases we’ve saved from landfill, burning or exporting overseas. Check in after each event to see our progress!

Avg KGs collected per Household

Our Give a Sheet® events enable us to have a spring clean of our old unwanted linen piling up in cupboards, under the bed or in the garage. On average households are clearing out the equivalent of  22 sheets at a time!

Number of bed Sheets converted

We collect more bed sheets than any other item. Did you know that the average household buys new sheets every 5 years? That’s a lot of old and used sheets stored up in linen cupboards around Australia!

KGs of offset CO2 emissions

For every kilogram of unwanted textile waste processed we are preventing 30 kg greenhouse gasses polluting the atmosphere. With each pillowcase rescued  … it’s a breath of fresh air!

Future Events

Give a Sheet® Adelaide SA

Saturday 25th MAY

8 Adelaide Councils

in Partnership with 

Green Industries SA 

more information at
GISA event page 

Give a Sheet® Logan QLD

Sunday 2nd June 

LEAF Festival 

in Partnership with 

Logan City Council

For more information
LEAF event page

2024 Coming soon


18-20 Babdoyle Street, Loganholme QLD 4129

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